Interview with Matt Halpern of Periphery

Posted: April 13, 2014 by Jason Webb in Bands

Recently caught up to drummer Matt Halpern of Periphery and asked him to answer a few questions. He was kind enough to oblige, and we now present our mini interview with him here for you!

1. How did Periphery get started? The band started after years of Misha (our guitarist) making his own music and putting it up for free on the internet. He was working on his production skills, and through his work, was able to draw a large internet audience by free distribution online. From there, with all of the demand from the fans, the band was formed with the goal of making records and going on tour.

2. What were the original influential artists that initially got the band going, and how does it reflect on the band’s current sound? I wasn’t in the band when the band was initially formed, and to be honest, we have SO MANY influences, it would be hard to list them here. If the music is good, we like it. The genre or style does not matter.

3. What does the band do in time off? We all do different things. I work on Bandhappy and i am pretty busy educator and clinician. Misha, Spencer, Jake, and Nolly all produce bands and write a lot of music, and Mark has a background in technology and works in that field when he isn’t on tour.

4. There have been many lineup changes and fill ins over the years. How does that reflect on your sound when a new member is introduced or relieved of duty? It’s always been a positive change for us. In any band, job, or working relationship, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When we bring someone new into the relationship, it’s always because it feels right and improves some aspect of the group.

5. What is a day of a Periphery tour like? We arrive at the venue early, usually grab breakfast and coffee, then load in and set up, then lunch, then soundcheck, some people work out and exercise, some explore the city, then music lessons or fan engagements, then doors open, dinner gets eaten, and soon after, the show begins! After the show, we all just chill or hang with other bands on tour and have fun within whichever city we’re lucky enough to see. Then do it all over again!

We here at Edict of Ethos would like to invite you to check out Matt’s bandhappy, a clinician/teacher site ->

If by chance you have no idea who Periphery is, take the blue pill here ->


No One’s Mercy-Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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My first band to review is a band called No One’s Mercy.


They are a 4 piece Alternative Rock Band from Rancho Cucamonga, CA that consist of Marc Bravo on Vocals, Alec Mejia on guitars, Nick Williams on bass and Josh Cohen on drums.


The band has been around since fall of 2009 and have gone through a few line up changes in the past, but have grown strong in their current line up.


Their sound mixes an influince of rock, funk, metal and punk rock all rolled into one awesome sound you have to hear for yourself.


They have released a demo in 2011 and an EP in 2013 titled “The Story So Far” which tells the story of a violent and dangerous relationship throughout all of the songs.


Currently they are in the works of writing new material for their 2nd EP slated to be released later this year with a possible tour to follow.


Make sure to check out No Noe’s Mercy if and when they come to a town near you.







Neil Swanson Interview – Dallas, Tx

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_MG_3294 - Version 2-X3

Edict of Ethos recently caught up with Neil Swanson. A well-known guitarist in the world, this guy just happens to be a good friend of mine and I’m excited to do this interview with him. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’ll give you a little insight on Neil.

1. How did you originally get into guitar?

When i was a kid, I heard “Welcome to the Jungle” and that was it!

2. How did Son of Swan come to be?

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Finally got around to it.

3. what is your best stage experience thus far?

Opening for Steve Vai or playing guitar with Orianthi. One of those.

4. What is your worst stage experience?

I’ll let you know when it happens!

5. What would you tell aspiring guitarists?

Find your own musical identity and try to stand out.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Neil Swanson and his various projects, give and give him a like! Also, if you are an aspiring guitarist, Neil gives guitar lessons!

Santa Muerte – Dallas, TX.

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Well, this is a band that really impressed me. As I was walking through my friend’s studio, I heard this ridiculously punchy, heavy sound rampaging through the walls of the studio. On my way out, I stopped by their room. These cats played me a few songs sans vocals, and holy shit. That’s all I can really say is “Holy Shit”. You need to go check them out. Their next show is at South by so What in Denton.

Here’s a little YouTube-age for ya:

And a Facebook link:

Matt Caldwell – Nevada, TX

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Rocking the “Red Dirt” tunes, Matt Caldwell is on his way to the radio. If you are into country, head over to his Reverbnation and give his various pages a like. If there is a show coming your way, go check him and his band out.

Reverbnation –

Downfall 2012 – Humble, Tx.

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Hailing out of Humble, Tx., these dudes will melt your face off. Just look at the dude with the torch. I mean, how literal can you get? If you like Snot, Slipknot, Static-X, Spineshank, etc., these guys will take you into their twisted minds. Kicking a lot of energy into the scene, these dudes are pretty awesome in my book. Much love to the Epic Texan for introducing me to them!

Reverbnation – 

Secret Of Boris – Dallas, Tx

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Secret of Boris has been around the Dallas music scene for a long time in it’s various incarnations. The one, unwavering aspect of the band is their head-bobbing, hard driven sound that has been fine tuned like a Japanese drifter car. Screeching around musical corners and always pushing to blur the edges of “the box,” they take an idea and run like the wind with it. Each member of the band is comical and very cool to hang out with. If you like standard, run of the mill rock…don’t click on the link below.

Reverbnation –

  Slayer and Testament had a 2 headed baby together and his name is Chemicaust!! This band exploded in front of me with the heaviest crunchin shreddinest guitar riffs, spine rattlin drum fills and one absolutely metal bassist/vocalist!! I started out right against the stage but vibrated (without takin a step), to 3 rows back which, by the way, was jammed with headbangers and fists in the air!! This band is brutally exact! You like it heavy? Let me hand you a 1 ton anchor with with a battleship chain attached! Chemicaust are heavy weights in every sense!! I will be catchin more Chemicaust as often as I can! I suggest you do the same! This is a 4 piece outfit and I promise you won’t know which one to watch because they trade off the badass with every song they throw at you!!

*side note: I haven’t been able to find a photo or a link to this band yet. They may be very new on the scene but they own that stage like they’ve been together forever! I will return to edit this post as soon as I find a link and some pix for you! I would’ve taken my own pix but I was too busy gettin my spine ripped out through my throat and beat over the head with it! These guys are freakin badasses! Trust me!


Protest – Dallas, Tx

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I saw Protest last night for the first time.  Must say I was amazed.  Impressed.  Brutalized. All of the above.  I couldn’t think of anything more well stated than this description on their website:

Hailing from Dallas TX, PROTEST is known for one thing, an unrelenting, no bullshit metal onslaught on stage. The band effortlessly blending it’s thrash roots with a modern twist of hardcore and denim shredding old school metal attitude. 

Formed in 2003, the band has shared the stage with such acts as Obituary, Unleashed, Prong, Goatwhore, Incantation, God Forbid, Skeletonwitch, Kylesa, Warbeast, ABSU, Soulfly, Havok, Overkill, Kreator, Warbringer, Devastation, Kill the Client, Cough, Pinkish Black, Speedwolf and Venomous Maximus. The bands latest album, The Corruption Code is out now with a follow up full length album set to release in 2014.

Reverbnation –

One Fate Remains – Rochester, NY

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These dudes from Rochester, NY have the right idea. While on indefinate hiatus, I believe people will drag them back to the stage kicking and screaming. These kids are well on their way to becoming a larger band. The music as a whole is very chiseled, and defined for radio. If someone were to give them a chance, I believe they would get pretty far. Already boasting being on bills with artists such as Soil, and Dope, I have the feeling these boys were made for the stage. Go give ’em a like!